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Seroquel was approved in 2006 for treatment of depressive episodes related to Bipolar Disorder I and II and approved by the FDA in 1997 as a psychotropic medication. It is also used as a sedative to treat sleep and anxiety disorders. Seroquel is an off-label treatment for other disorders such as alcoholism, Parkinson’s disease, post traumatic stress disorder, and Tourettes syndrome. Seroquel is an anti-psychotic medication also used to treat symptoms of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. It is an oral medication that affects neurotransmitter receptors in the brain.

Side-Effects of Seroquel

Seroquel has shown to have many minor as well as serious side-effects that could lead to potential injury or additional health problems. Side-effects of Seroquel include dry mouth, dizziness, headache, and upset stomach. In addition to these minor side-effects, Seroquel is also associated with several serious conditions. Some of these side-effects include:

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  • Neuroleptic malignant syndrome (NMS) – This affects the central nervous system. It may cause irregular heartbeat, fluctuating blood pressure, sweating, stiff muscles, and high fever. This condition is potentially fatal.
  • Tardive Dyskinesia (TD) – This is a movement disorder that causes uncontrollable movement of the face, jaw, mouth and tongue.
  • Diabetes – Studies have shown that the use of Seroquel and other atypical anti-psychotic medications may cause weight gain, high blood sugar, increased cholesterol levels, and diabetes.

Clinical studies show Seroquel may increase the risk of death in elderly patients treated for dementia. In most cases deaths linked to Seroquel were a result of pneumonia or heart failure.

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